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Updates »  BB Update December 2013


UPCOMING: SSR14, London, UK, 25th February: Elaine will be chairing the third annual Smarter Sustainable Reporting (SSR 14) conference in London. The conference will include speakers from top businesses, government and NGOs to give participants a better understanding of UK and EU reporting regulations, carbon emissions management and reporting, transparency promoting and other relevant topics. To learn more about the conference and register, click HERE. For a discount, contact us at


CONGRATS! to our client, Caesars Entertainment Corporation on the publication of its fourth CSR and Sustainability Report for 2012, "Vibrant Communities. This is the first Sustainability Report to be published after having passed the new G4 Materiality Matters check and first G4 Core level report in the gaming-entertainment industry. The report is available HERE.

CONGRATS! to our client, ECI Telecom on the publication of its second full Sustainability Report. The report is called "Advancing Sustainable Connectivity" and was written in accordance with G4 guidelines at CORE level. It is the first G4 to be published by an Israeli company, and the first G4 report in the world from a company in the telecommunications sector. The full report is available HERE.

CONGRATS! to our client, GSK Romania, on the publication it second annual CSR Report, "Valuing your Trust." The report meets G4 Core requirements and is structured in line with global parent company GSK's approach to reporting. This is the first report for a pharma company in Romania, a first G4 report in Romania and the process involved a first local stakeholder panel. The report is available HERE.

Beyond Business congratulated our clients on the publication of these reports, which made December 2013 a historical month for Sustainability Reporting. Our press release is available HERE.


Top 100 Tweeters of 2013: Elaine was selected to be one of the top 100 tweeters of 2013 by Trust Across America. To check it out, click HERE. To follow Elaine on Twitter, click HERE.

Responsible Business Forum Poland: The organization issued a publication about sustainable reporting in Poland. The magazine contained an interview with Elaine. For now, it is only available in Polish. For those who read Polish, it is available HERE.

Promoting Trust in Business: Elaine's quote on promoting trust in business made the #8 slot in the Trust across America poster. To read it, click HERE.


Elaine's article on Corporate Giving: Who Benefits Most?  Companies invest billions of dollars each year in order to help change the world but corporate philanthropy can be leveraged to empower and engage employees. By offering employees an opportunity and a framework to donate to charity and an easy digital way to connect to these causes, a company aspires to receive motivation and loyalty in return. To read more, click HERE.

Below is a summary of key posts on the CSR Reporting Blog in December:

Santa's 2012 Sustainability Report: In advance of Christmas, Santa's 2012 G4-based Sustainability Report is published in accordance with G4 comprehensive level guidelines. The report includes the a look at material issues, shared value services, reindeer rights, elf empowerment, ethical supply chain, and even includes some bad news. For a little humor and fun reading Santa's report, click HERE.

The Mystery of Angolan Sustainability Reports: KPMG published its 2013 Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting with a surprising finding: 50% of the top 100 companies in Angola are noted as reporting on CSR. We try to uncover how this could be based on the fact that not a single report form Angola is in the GRI reports database and the UN Global Compact does not have any Angolan participants. Does Angola have a hidden store of reports? This blog post is available HERE.

Three posts on three Sustainability Reports published for our clients this month: The CSR Reporting blog published three posts highlighting the different features and material content of our three groundbreaking reports published in December.  For our post about ECI Telecom's Sustainability Report: click HERE. Four our post about Caesars Entertainment's Sustainability Report, click HERE. For our post about GSK Romania's Sustainability Report, click HERE.

Interview with Crown Estate's Head of Sustainability: Mark Gough, Head of Sustainability at The Crown Estate, a speakers at the annual SSR 14 reporting conference in London in February 2014, is featured in this blog post. Mark is responsible for developing, delivering and driving innovative ways of embedding sustainability into the business. To read further about Mark and the Crown Estate's sustainability initiatives, click HERE.

CRRA Online Sustainability Reporting Awards: The CRRA online sustainability reporting awards are now open for voting for the best CR/CSR/Sustainability report of the last year. We take a look at the first-timer reports that make up the 52 reports shortlisted in 9 categories. To read more, click HERE. To read the reports and vote by the deadline of January 31, 2014, click HERE.

Innovation as a Materiality Issue: This blog posts considered whether innovation is actually a materiality issue, in comparison with G4 guidelines. To read this blog post, click HERE.


Westpac 2013 Integrated Report:  Elaine Cohen's review of the Australian Banking Group Westpac 2013 Annual Review and Sustainability Report was published in Ethical Corporation's December 2013 / January 2014 issue. This review discusses how Westpac has presented a successful example of integrated reporting. To read this review, click HERE.

McBride plc Sustainability Report 2013: Alison McLernon's review of McBride plc's Sustainability Report 2013 was published by McBride is Europe's leading provider of private label household and personal care products, currently supplying over 95% of Europe's top 20 retailers. The report reflects a range of innovative steps to improve the company's sustainability impacts, but fails to explore some aspects relating to environmental impacts, product quality and customer satisfaction, human rights and employee diversity. The review is available HERE.


The International Integrated Reporting (<IR>) Framework: The <IR> Framework was released on 9 December 2013, after a global consultation led by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) which elicited over 350 responses from every region in the world. <IR> applies principles and concepts that are focused on bringing greater cohesion and efficiency to the reporting process. The Framework is currently being trialed in over 25 countries. For more information, click HERE.

The Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR): The GISR has released the 12 core principles it will use for accrediting sustainability ratings worldwide. GISR is a global nonprofit initiative that aims to accelerate the integration of environmental, social and governance issues and indicators into global financial markets and investment decision-making. For more information, click HERE.

The KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013: This report showed that almost 80% of the largest 100 companies in 41 countries worldwide are using the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The survey concludes that, with CR reporting now standard practice among large companies worldwide, the focus of the debate is shifting from whether companies should report to questions of quality and good practice in reporting. To read the survey, click HERE.


G4 Ready Analysis: Get ahead of the 2015 G3 expiration deadline. Beyond Business continues to provide many organizations with the technical understanding of how their current report aligns (or not!) with the new GRI G4 Framework. This is proving to be really useful for businesses wanting to make the transition. Sign up for G4 ready analysis with us and get a free copy of Understanding G4.

For more information, write to us at :


HAPPY 2014 to everyone!!


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