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Updates »  BB Update November 2013


Institut RSE, Paris, France, 8th November: 
Elaine presented her "point de vue" at a packed training session, introducing the new G4 Sustainability Reporting guidelines. Major French reporting companies were represented. Vive le G4!

BizInfo, Brussels, Belgium, 7th November:  Elaine presented a morning workshop on the subject of CSR for HR and a keynote in the afternoon to over 100 HR professionals from the Belgian HR and CSR community. Next time, more waffles!

UPCOMING: SSR14, London, UK, 25th February: Elaine will be chairing the Smarter Sustainable Reporting (SSR 14) conference in London. The conference will include speakers from top businesses, government and NGOs to give participants a better understanding of UK and EU reporting regulations, carbon emissions management and reporting, transparency and other relevant topics. To learn more about the conference, click HERE. Write to us at to get a special discount code from Elaine.


CONGRATS! to our client Netafim Ltd on the publication of a Communication on Progress (LEAD level) to the UNGC this month. This is Netafim's 3rd COP and covers 21 criteria for LEAD participants. The COP is available HERE.

CONGRATS! to our client Ness Technologies Ltd on the publication of a Communication on Progress (ACTIVE level) to the UNGC this month. This is Ness's 4th COP and covers human rights and community empowerment, labor standards, environmental protection, and ethical conduct and anti-corruption. The COP is available HERE.

CONGRATS! to our client, GSK Latvia who has been shortlisted for the online global CRRA'14 Reporting Awards! Please vote for GSK Latvia HERE


Thanksgiving is a popular theme in CSR reports. Elaine took a look at some of the 343 references to Thanksgiving and reported on events held by companies like Bacardi and Abengoa. Perhaps there is no better holiday to demonstrate corporate citizenship efforts and hold various celebrations and events for the community. The post is available HERE.

In response to a critique of GRI's new G4 guidelines, Elaine argued that over 50% of GRI-based reports published in 2014 will be G4 core or referenced reports. Her post on the top 5 reasons why many companies adopting G4 reporting early is available HERE.

Dr. Sustainability answers questions from the likes of Simon Cowell and other characters on materiality and its relevance to sustainability reporting. This post is available HERE.

Taking perspective of where sustainability reporting is today, Elaine discusses the findings of's "CR Perspectives 2013" report. The Report - which analyzed responses from 300 corporate clients, CSR professionals, academics and students – considers the context, content, communications and credibility of CR reporting. Elaine integrates its findings along with her experiences and perspectives on these areas. This post is available HERE.


Microsoft published its 2013 Citizenship Report. Highlights include launching the Microsoft Technology and Human Rights Center, training 103 million youth globally, donating U.S. $ 2 million a day to more than 70,000 NGOs and achieving carbon neutrality. Check it out HERE.

Westpac Banking Corporation published its 2013 Annual Review and Sustainability Report. Highlights include 42% female participation in leadership (from 40% in 2012) and 87% employee engagement (from 84% in 2012), and investing U.S.$ 3.6 billion in CleanTech and environmental services. Check it out

Confederation of Paper Industries (CEP) released its 6th biennial sustainability report. This GRI B+ report includes such highlights as the establishment of the Bio-based Public Private Partnership and the Two-Team Project which was set up to deliver, in one year, the sector results of 80% CO2 reduction and 50% more value by 2050. Check it out


G4 guidelines are now online and available HERE, as is the G4 new Materiality Matters, G4 application level check, available HERE.


G4 Ready Expert Analysis: Get ahead of the 2015 G3 expiration deadline. Beyond Business continues to provide many organizations with the technical understanding of how their current report aligns (or not!) with the new GRI G4 Framework. This is proving to be really useful for businesses wanting to make the transition. Sign up for G4- Ready Expert Analysis with us and get a free copy of Understanding G4 - Elaine's book  - a compact guide to next generation sustainability reporting. 

That's it for November! Hope you are looking forward to a great December!


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