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Pre or Post Publication Expert Report Review Service:
Get expert feedback on the quality and content of your current or most recent report. 

G4-Ready Expert Analysis:  
See how your current report aligns (or not!) with the new GRI G4 Framework. 

Social and environmental reporting, or sustainability reporting, is now a way of life for many global and local businesses. Over 7,000 reports are published each year by businesses around the globe, and whilst this number is growing, it is still small compared to the tens of thousands of companies that have not yet reported. Sustainability reporting has great value, not only as an essential platform for communication with stakeholders, but also as a catalyst for performance improvement. We see, time and time again, with our clients, that the deep process and discipline required to produce a high-quality, transparent sustainability report, leads to new insights in the business and new actions to improve sustainable business performance. Sustainability reporting is an essential tool for all companies, whatever their sector, size or strategy.   

Beyond Business is expert at working with clients to deliver sustainability reports which reflect the company's spirit, sustainability purpose and
impacts. We believe sustainability reports should tell a company's story, whilst adhering to rigorous guidelines for disclosure, in line with leading global practices. This is why we work closely with the Global Reporting Initiative Framework, the leading global framework for Sustainability Reporting.

Beyond Business works with a range of global clients to assist in:

  • benchmarking best practice or peer practice in sustainability reporting by country, industry, sector or sustainability subjects to support the decision making about reporting.
  • preparing for sustainability reporting: mapping current status of sustainabililty performance and impacts and assessing gaps versus global best practice
  • developing a plan for sustainability reporting: agreeing the concept, scope, length, content themes, title, style and tone for the sustainability report and also the level of transparency the report will present.
  • defining the material issues to be reported on in depth. This may include assistance with stakeholder engagement processes.
  • gathering the quantitative and qualitative information to be included in the report:  conducting interviews with relevant managers, employees and external partners, teasing out the stories and the relevant data.
  • writing the report: processing all information and articulating it a report which has a logical flow, in language readers can understand, in a style and tone which build credibility. 
  • ensuring the report conforms to GRI guidelines in line with the level selected by the company (if the report is based on the GRI framework), submitting the report for a GRI Application Check (if required), and managing the process until confirmation.
  • working with the report designers for print or online delivery of reports, to ensure the design and content blend well to achieve the overall desired effect.
  • developing internal communication of the Sustainability Report  to ensure a key stakeholder group, employees, engage with the Sustainability Report and are able to reflect its mesage to external stakeholders.  
  • supporting the exposure of your report to key stakeholders, with advice on external communication strategy and our advanced social media networks.

In addition, BeyondBusiness offers a pre-publication and a post-publication review service, to offer companies expert insights on the content, credibility and communication aspects of their report as part of their preparation for report publication, or as part of the learning process in preparation for the next report. Many companies find this extremely valuable, both for gaining new insight into the way their report is perceived and also for checking the accuracy of their disclosures against a declared framework such as an Application Level of the GRI Framework.  To read more about this service, click here. 

BeyondBusiness has supported award winning reports :

comme il faut: 7th place in Best SME Report Category (CRRA 08)
888 Holdings: 3rd Place in Best First Time Report Category (CRRA 10)
Danisco A/S: Best report - NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen listed company 
GSK Romania: 3rd Place in Best First Time Report category (CRRA 13)

To read about other things we do in the area of Sustainability Reporting, click HERE.

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