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The sustainable workplace is one which ensures positive impacts on its employees and their families, whilst ensuring a working environment which motivates and enables employees to make their best contribution to business success and impact positively on all stakeholders. Sustainable businesses know that their employees are core stakeholders and must be effectively engaged with the sustainability agenda in order to support sustainable business success.

Our responsible workplace model shows the core elements of a responsible workplace within the context of a corporate social and environmental responsibility framework.

Using our proprietary social audit model, Beyond Business can map your workplace against the most advanced global standards and best international practice, provide a detailed gap analysis report and recommendations for development. We support implementation of selected solutions. We can assist with developing ongoing tracking and measurement of impacts on employees, and employee impacts on the business and on all stakeholders.

Elaine Cohen's Book: 

CSR for HR : A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices



HR professionals are critical to the development of CSR by Elaine Cohen 

"It is time for HR to wake up to CSR" article by Elaine Cohen published in Personalfuehrung, Germany, December 2010 (PDF) 

"From Strategy to an Embedded Sustainable Culture and Practice: The Seven R’s of Sustainable HR Management and Execution"  article published in Personalfuehrung, Germany, June 2011 (PDF) 

"HR's Role in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability" SHRM Foundation Executive Briefing. Written by Elaine Cohen, Sully Taylor, PhD. and Michal Muller-Camen, PhD.  October 2011 (PDF)

Case Study

We completed a comprehensive audit of the responsible workplace practices of a major health care organization in Israel and provided recommendations for a plan of action to create more positive impacts and gain benefits for the organization and the employees. Our insights added a new dimension to the way the organization approaches some aspects of responsible workplace practices.

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