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October 2013: The first Understanding G4 Workshop in London. Helping you to get G4 sustainability reporting right! For more details, contact Elaine.

July 2013: Strauss Group publishes Sustainability Report 2012 - Driven By Responsibility. We were pleased to support Strauss Group in developing this report.

26.12.12| Netafim publishes first Sustainability Report

19.4.12 | Beyond Business wins the Best SME Report in CRRA `12 global sustainability reporting awards.

17.2.12 | Elaine Cohen wins the Strategic Leadership Award at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai

1.7.11 | Elaine Cohen recognized as one of the 100 Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business practices in Europe and the Middle East.

1.5.11 | Beyond Business Transparency Index 2011 of Israeli companies now published

20.4.11| Elaine Cohen's book, CSR for HR, listed number 8 in Cambridge University's top 40 Sustainability Books of 2010.

27.1.11 | Beyond Business publishes first Sustainability Report

9.12.10 | Danisco wins top CSR report award in Denmark

9.12.10 | Download an ebook of Elaine's CSR Reporting blog 2009-2010

09.08.10 | CSR for HR : A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices. Order the book on

26.04.10 | 2010 Transparency Index of Israeli Companies.
Download full report here

4.13.10 | Elaine Cohen writes for CSRWire on integrated reporting  
Following the publication of One Report, a book recommending integrated reporting, Elaine analyses the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Read more on the CSRwire website: One Report" - Is there a Transparency Panacea?

23.03.10 | BeyondBusiness Client, comme il faut, Makes Ethisphere's 100 Most Ethical Companies List
"2010 World’s Most Ethical Companies: The World’s Most Ethical Companies designation recognizes companies that truly go beyond making statements about doing business “ethically” and translate those words into action. WME honorees demonstrate real and sustained ethical leadership within their industries...”
Read more on Ethisphere website
Read coverage in Israeli newspaper, Globes (Hebrew)

21.03.10 | Elaine Cohen to lecture in online sustainability course
From 2 April - 21 May, eight leading consultants will speak to participants, through video on demand, about creating a successful and sustainable brand. Elaine Cohen will be addressing the issues of sustainability reporting.
Read more about SB Boot Camp.

18.03.10 | UN Global Compact publishes women's empowerment principles
The UNGC has published its seven principles for the empowerment of women in business, a document Elaine Cohen, joint CEO of BeyondBusiness collaborated on.

17.03.10 | Teva Pharmaceuticals publishes Communication on Progress for UN Global Compact
Teva Pharmaceuticals, with the assistance of BeyondBusiness, has published its first COP for the UNGC. Read it here.
Organizations that commit to upholding the United Nations Global Compact's ten principles for responsible business, are required to submit an annual Communication on Progress. The UNGC principles address four key areas of impact: human rights, labor standards, environmental stewardship and anti-corruption.

04.03.10 | 3BL TV Launched - includes CSRUnscripted with Elaine Cohen
In January 2010,  3BL Media , a leading communications Company, whose mission is to advance and promote Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability through effective communications, announced the launch of 3BL TV  featuring Web Video Content from CSR's Most Influential Bloggers – Christine Arena, Chris Jarvis,  Fabian Pattberg , David Connor and Elaine Cohen. Read More about 3BL TV...

25.02.10 | BeyondBusiness is a GRI Data Partner
The Global Reporting Initiative has set up a "Data Consortium" with the aim of providing an 'as complete' overview of GRI reports as possible to the public. BeyondBusiness has committed to keeping the Israeli section of the GRI Reports list up to date. Read more >>>

09.02.10 | BeyondBusiness publishes new study: Gender Diversity in Sustainability Reporting
Download the
Executive Summary.
Or order a free copy of the full report:
contact us

04.02.10 | Elaine Cohen quoted on two Sustainability themed websites
The "Green Economy Post" reprints Elaine's blog post, word for word:  
The Infinite Possibilities of Online Sustainability Reporting
CSRWire quotes Elaine, on the Corporate Knights' Global 100 Ranking Corporate Sustainability Ranking Gets a Face Lift at Davos

27.01.10 | BeyondBusiness is a GRI Network Partner
for more info, click here 

25.01.10 | In search of the perfect GRI Report
Elaine Cohen guest posts at the GRI blog.
Read the post >>> 

20.01.10 | Elaine Cohen interviewed about CSR Reporting
Cause Capitalism blog post: 
Doing Good Only Gets You So Far: 15 Points on CSR Reporting. Includes audio file of interview with Elaine Cohen and a summary of it. 

12.01.10 | Elaine Cohen interviewed about Responsible Fashion
Selected Scribblings blog post:
Changing the fabric of fashionable society: Is green the new black? includes an interview with Elaine Cohen, joint CEO of BeyondBusiness, on her approach to Responsible Fashion 

10.01.10 | Number of CSR reports published in Israel rose in 2009
"The year 2009, like 2008, saw the number of CSR reports published in Israel double. 15 reports were published, of which 13 were written in accordance with the GRI, reaching different levels of reporting, while 2 reports did not follow any widely accepted template..."
Read the Press Release (Hebrew)
List of reports published in Israel Number of CSR reports published in Israel rises (Hebrew)

20.12.09 | Sherrie Winston of CSIC blog interviews Elaine Cohen
"The first part of that interview focused on her career path into social responsibility, some of the work that she is currently doing mentoring students and raising awareness with business leaders, and the role of communications and CSR reporting. As I had hoped, thought leaders have much to share, and Cohen did not disappoint."
Read the complete interview

01.11.09 | Elaine Cohen interviews CR Director at Symantec
Symantec manufactures the Norton family of internet security products and its first CSR report was published in 2008. Elaine Cohen interviews Cecily Joseph, Corporate Responsibility Director at Symantec, who will be participating in the global virtual summit on Social Responsibility (see item below).
Read the interview

21.10.09 | Revising the AA1000SES
We invite you to take part in a global effort to review and revise the AccountAbility 1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard.
Read more

21.10.09 | BeyondBusiness becomes Media Partner for global virtual summit on Social Responsibility
To share best practices and invite dialogue, Communitelligence is hosting the first virtual global summit examining
New Models of Social Responsibility. The event will be held via Cisco WebEx™ (online) and Cisco TelePresence™ in San Jose, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, Research Triangle Park, Atlanta, and Bangalore, India. 

01.10.09 | Elaine Cohen on Judging Panel of Social Innovation Awards
The Financial Times and will be granting their 2nd annual Social Innovation Awards in 2010. Elaine Cohen, joint CEO of BeyondBusiness, was asked and agreed to participate as a judge in this contest.
More info

29.09.09 | Press Release: NEXXAR and BEYONDBUSINESS partnership
Together Nexxar and BeyondBusiness provide a total service for all clients wishing to develop their sustainability reporting online. This is a growing trend in reporting offering many advantages for Companies.
Read the complete release

22.09.09 | Coverage of panel on responsibility in the fashion industry
New Tang Dynasty Television covers
the panel, which took place on 3.9.09, interviewing Elaine Cohen, joint CEO of BeyondBusiness, and Sybil Goldfainer, CEO of comme il faut, an Israeli fashion house. Watch the video on the NTD website. Read the transcript (in English). 

14.09.09 | Interview with Elaine Cohen about reporting
Alex Harris, author of Reputation Report, discusses the
credibility of corporate sustainability reports and interviews Elaine Cohen on the subject 

09.09.09 | Summary of Responsible Fashion Panel now available
Summary of panel, Lecture by Elaine, the original invitation, pictures of the participants, articles written about and around the event - 
all available here

02.09.09 | Free Sustainability Report for a non-profit organization
BeyondBusiness, the leading csr reporting firm in Israel, is stepping up its positive impact by offering its professional services free of charge to one Israeli non-profit organization with a social or environmental mission. For more details, click

19.08.09 | comme il faut and BeyondBusiness in Haaretz Newspaper
Article by
Noah Kosharek on comme il faut's responsible supply chain and on the panel comme il faut is arranging, with BeyondBusiness, as a response to recent exposure of sweatshops supplying Israeli fashion companies 

17.08.09 | Harvard Paper on Human Rights in business
Embedding Rights Compatible Grievance Processes for External Stakeholders Within Business Culture - by John Sherman, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School with contribution by Elaine Cohen 

12.07.09 | Elaine Cohen on Intel Blog
from the blog: "As a follow up to my post, check out this nice summary of some other company CSR report localization examples by Elaine Cohen of BeyondBusiness"
read the post 

09.07.09 | Article on CSR in Israel
Managing Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel by Shuki Stauber 

05.07.09 | JustMeans CSR Editorial by Elaine Cohen
This Week's CSR Round-Up: Elaine fills in for Megan on the weekend CSR round-up with passion.
Read More... 

23.06.09 | BeyondBusiness Study Published: Significant gap between Maala scores and Transparency scores
Most of the companies featured in the Maala Responsibility Index score very low on the BeyondBusiness
Transparency Index. There is a 42.77 gap between the Maala and the Transparency averages... Read More (hebrew)... 

07.06.09 | Congratulations to comme il faut!
comme il faut, with its "we don't burn bras" campaign, has won the 2009 Globes Award for Responsible Business
Read the Globes Article (hebrew)Read about it on the comme il faut website (english)  

03.06.09 | Elaine Cohen Lectures at HR Seminar
Read the Calcalist Article about the Seminar (Hebrew

25.05.09 | Bank Leumi has published it's second CSR Report,2777,174085,00.html 

07.05.09 | Summary of the Third Israeli Reporting Conference 

29.04.09 | Interview with Sybil Goldfiner on Development Crossing 

30.03.09 | Elaine's reporting blog now on Alltop 

15.03.09 | Number of CSR reports in Israel nearly tripled
In preparation for the
Third Israeli Reporting Conference, BeyondBusiness conducted a survey and found that the number of Israeli companies that published CSR reports has grown significantly from three reports in 2007 to eight in 2008. Update 9.03.09 | New reporting blog feed on 

01.03.09 | NEW CSR report reviews by Elaine Cohen
on line at 

05.02.09 | Articles uploaded - social responsibility 

29.01.09 | World Economic Forum at DAVOS jan 2009
Hear an important debate on

16.01.09 | Sustainable Marketing blog includes Elaine's guest post
Ten Tips for sustainability reporting

01.01.09 | VOTE BY 21st January for the best csr reports 
The only global CSR Reporting Awards by closes for voting on 21st January 2009. Please vote for the comme il faut report in the SME category! - the only Israeli report in the competition. For further information and to vote, go to  


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