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10.02.10 | Recycling Forum on Packaging Law
Press Release: The new Packaging Law ignores the need for end-user solutions - just another green bubble devoid of content and ready to burst (Hebrew)

28.01.10 | BeyondBusiness launches: GreenTeam program

BeyondBusiness offers your organization a unique program for the development of GreenTeams and ongoing team support. Read more...

 26.01.10 | Government ignores own decision and puts Recycling Plants in jeopardy

Tsafrir Rinat, of Ha'aretz newspaper, speaks to Tzvika Daviv - a member of the Recycling Forum, and sums up the government's inability to support recycling ventures in Israel. Read the article (in Hebrew)

05.01.10 | The Forum's Year in Review

A summary and review of the Forum for Recycling Companies in Israel's activities during 2009

 21.12.09 | Israeli Recycling Companies commend new enforcement measures for criminal polluters

Read the Press Release (in Hebrew)

>> Update 22.12.09 | Ha'aretz | 5,000 NIS Reward for Green Whistle Blowers

>> Update 22.12.09 | Calcalist | Blow the whistle on polluters and receive NIS 5,000 (Hebrew)

>> Update 23.12.09 | | Green Whistle Blowing Act passes first stage (Hebrew)


21.12.09 | Thomas L. Friedman quotes Liad Ortar

We recently found out that Thomas L. Friedman's book, "Hot, Flat and Crowded" contains a quote by Liad Ortar, joint CEO of BeyondBusiness

View an image of the quote (Hebrew). Go to Full text of book (English, quote on page 203).

 20.12.09 | Chinaview on Green Business in Israel

"Israel's current Environment Minister Gilad Erdan has received warm praise from environmentalists more or less across the board. That is a distinct change from what was said about previous holders of this portfolio. However, Erdan's influence is extremely limited, said Liad Ortar, the joint CEO of the Israeli environmental consultancy BeyondBusiness." Read the full article.

 9.12.09 | Green House Conference at the Netherland Embassy, by Liad Ortar

"Between Israel and The Netherlands lie one sea, thousands of kilometers and light-years of environmental progress. It is not a coincidence that we turn, time and again, to the Dutch in order to advance the environmental field in Israel. Each time we do so, we discover how great the differences really are..." Liad Ortar discusses the Netherlands Embassy's Green Building Conference on Read the article (in Hebrew)

 9.12.09 | Green Building - a responsible approach, by Liad Ortar

"... Green Building isn't just about using recycled materials, using air instead of air conditioning, positioning the building, using isolation windows or about conserving water ..." - Liad Ortar on Ba'it VaNoy online magazine. Read the article (in Hebrew)

 6.12.09 | Join us in becoming Anti-Littering Officers

BeyondBusiness will hold an Anti-Littering Officer training seminar at its offices on Wednesday, 23/12/09 at 09:00 am. Read More.

 26.11.09 | Liad Ortar on Forum for Israeli Recycling Companies' tour in the Netherlands

"The neighbour's grass IS greener" Liad Ortar on (article in Hebrew)

 24.11.09 | Forum for Recycling Companies in Israel to Minister of the Treasury

Press Release: The Forum for Recycling Companies in Israel demands that Minister of the Treasury authorize the instruction to governmental companies to purchase recycled materials.
Read the press release
 (in Hebrew). Read more about the Forum.

 24.11.09 | Forum for Recycling Companies in Israel becomes member of FIR

READ THE PRESS RELEASE. The Forum is now a member in the International Federation of Recycling (Federation Internationale du Recyclage). Read the item on FIR website.

 15.11.09 | Liad Ortar on "Cradle to Cradle" at World Usability Day

Last Thursday, 12/11/09, the World Usability Day Conference was held in Ra'anana. Liad Ortar, joint CEO of BeyondBusiness lectured at the conference on "Cradle to Cradle - closing the ecological ciruit". During the conference, Laid was interviewed by Barack Danin, CEO of Uniq UI, watch the interview (video in Hebrew). More videos from Usability Day Conference here (page and videos in Hebrew).

 08.11.09 | Recycling Forum: environment must be taken into account

On Sunday, 8/11/09, Mr. Ortar, Head of the Israeli Recycling Companies' Forum and Joint CEO of BeyondBusiness spoke to Ms. Ronit Ken about the environmental considerations which should be taken into account regarding the acquisition of the Hanson cement company by the IDB Group. Read the Forum's press release (in Hebrew).

 21.10.09 | Save the date: Green Building in the Netherlands

BeyondBusiness continues its tradition in a fourth joint conference with The Netherlands Embassy in Israel, and this time: Green Building in the Netherlands.

 19.10.09 | Israeli Recycling Forum in the Netherlands

Between 12 and 14 October 2009 representatives of the companies in the Israeli Recycling Forum took a professional tour of recycling companies in the Netherlands. More details

 31.08.09 | Liad Ortar on Reporting

Liad Ortar discusses the organizational benefits of reporting in response to a  Raz Godelnick article. Read the article (in Hebrew)

 30.07.09 | Recycling Forum on ynet

Israeli companies dumping construction waste in the occupied territories (Hebrew)

 13.07.09 | Liad Ortar in TheMarker

"Experts say: Israeli banks' lack of understanding environmental issues will cost them dearly" From TheMarker, by Yuval Maoz. Read the article (Hebrew)

 28.06.09 | 2 Articles by Liad Ortar Published on Ynet

Environmental Risk in the Financial Sector. Download the Article (Hebrew)

How Much For a Pound of Nature? Download the Article (Hebrew)


01.04.09 | Environmental Responsibility at Maccabi

Maccabi Healthcare Services has launched a new service. It is not new medicine, it is not an innovative new treatment and it is not a new weight-loss program. This time Maccabi is acting not only in the best interest of our health but also in the best interests of the environment and future generations. The new service is: collection and disposal of expired medicine.

 12.01.09 | The Snails' Victory 

During the last decade, scientific evidence of negative changes to the sea-snail population have been increasing world-wide. More and more subjects have been found to possess male and female reproductive systems, which has led to imposexual subjects incapable of breeding. When scientists began exploring reasons for this phenomenon, they found that paint used to paint the bottoms of ships contained the culprit - the chemical TBT.

 From the moment of the discovery a comprehensive order was issued banning the use of paint containing TBT. Today, scientists are witnessing an amazing recovery in the sea-snail population, empty habitats are being repopulated and biological diversity is returning to the eco-system. This item proves that environmental hazards are not a necessity and that decisive action can make a change.
Read More

12.01.09 | Countdown Towards Copenhagen 2009 Has Begun

 Thousands of scientist, heads of organizations, government officials, elected representatives and lobbyists have begun counting down the days until the next UN Climate Change Conference (COP15).

 In this Conference a world-wide action plan to combat global warming will be presented and all eyes are turned to Capitol Hill and Washington, to the President Elect, Barack Obama.


So far global politics have failed to create an enforcement mechanism or effective incentives that will reduce GHG emissions as a by-product of human activity. There is no doubt that the USA's unwillingness to take part in this initiative, is one of the reasons it has failed. Now the tides have turned, all are hoping that the USA will show responsibility and leadership.

 The Israeli Ministry of Environment has recently forecast a significant rise in Israel's GHG emissions for the next few years. This policy will force difficult challenges on the Israeli industry, especially if the new accord begins defining Israel as a first-world country. In that case, Israel will be obligated to significantly reduce emissions either directly, by reducing emissions, or indirectly, by purchasing carbon credit manufactured in developing markets.

Read More

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